Why online pre-employment assessments are taking the world by storm

Quicker, faster and just as effective, online pre-employment assessments are delivering the same results as traditional techniques in a fraction of the time.

Turnaround time of pre-employment medical assessments is one of the biggest bugbears of employers – and now that hurdle has been conquered by technology.

An online screening can be completed within one business day if there is no significant risk of pre-existing injury detected, and in three days if a physical examination is required.

In some cases, traditional medical screenings could take up to a month for results to be returned.

The online system is straightforward and an ideal option for those in isolated rural communities.

An effective online questionnaire will reveal a potential employee’s medical history and if a physical is required, if not – the results will be back in one business day.

If the physical exam – for musculoskeletal and functional checks – is required, a video conference between worker and a medical professional can return results in three business days.

The tests are legal and just as valid as the traditional methods. Suremploy has a sample of over 50,000 online assessees and found the results only differed by 1 percent from the traditional face to face tests.

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