Psychometric Testing

If you don’t test, you don’t know. If you don’t know, you are at risk.

As an employer, your bottom line depends on your employees’ mental function.

While most companies have traditionally used only physical tests, FitWorker360 also incorporates psychometric testing.

This testing protocol is the gold standard and the only one of its type in Australia.

Our Global Functional Inventory (GFI) is a psychometric assessment of mental function. It provides an objective analysis of your employees, allowing you to effect and measure change in your workforce and prevent costly mishires.


Why choose us?

We help you hire the right people for your organisation.

At FitWorker360, our mission is to turn your workplace into a well-oiled machine where injury claims, high staff turnover, and high insurance premiums are a thing of the past.
All of this occurs when we help you hire the right people for your organisation.
Disillusioned with the traditional ‘tick box’ pre-employment assessments, we set out with forensic psychologists to develop algorithms with the use of data from over 160,000 applicants through our system. The Results? Tens of millions of dollars of premiums saved for Australian businesses.

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Hiring the wrong candidate can cost up to 20% of their salary to re-train.

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“An incredibly beneficial tool”

“FitWorker360 have provided Meltique Beef with confidence in the suitability of candidates prior to offering employment.

Historically, Meltique Beef has struggled with suitability due to the demanding physical and mental aspects of the role as you would see in most, if not all manufacturing plants.

The FitWorker360 program offers us vital information regarding candidates mental and physical suitability for the roles on offer and we have found it an incredibly beneficial tool”

Emily Clayworth -Business Development Coordinator, Meltique Beef