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For over two decades, FitWorker360 has meticulously crafted our assessment model and is now recognised as the gold standard for selecting the ideal candidates in Australia. With an impressive tally of over 162,000 assessments and counting, FitWorker360 is trusted by Australia’s top companies.

Facilitated by a cutting-edge technology platform, we make your recruitment decisions strategic and easy and at a fraction of the cost and time of our competitors.

Our mission is to instill confidence in your recruitment process, ensuring the placement of the right individuals for the right positions, leading to a more productive and safe workplace.

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Meet the Leadership Team


Tom Aune

Founder and Director

Guy Terkelsen

Certified Partner / Physiotherapist

Victor Ahipene

General Manager

Kate Hickey

FitWorker360 Client Manager

Did you know that only 7.5% of employees cause
90% of Work Cover costs?